Abstract Surrealist


You know that feeling when you look at a blank wall?

You love art and the feelings that it evokes. You love color. You want a beautiful home, but that empty wall is intimidating. Or, perhaps,  the framed posters you’ve had for so long no longer inspire, and you’re ready for something that reflects who you are today. 

But how do you choose? 

You may be one of the lucky ones know your own style & tastes and find looking for artwork is like a giant treasure hunt. In that case, go for it!

Or you might feel like a beginner and worry about finding the “right” artwork, or think you should get what is currently in style, but you don’t want to be trendy. Those feelings can be paralyzing, so you avoid making a decision and try to ignore that blank wall.

That’s where I come in.

I can help you find the perfect piece for that blank space, or create that perfect piece for you. I will listen, and help you define and identify what you are looking for. It will be entirely your decision and you will feel more confident with your own taste. 

Why me?

As an artist, when I start a painting, it is like that blank wall. Only I no longer find it scary; it excites me. The blank canvas is a challenge, and the painting process is a dance. I love it. It makes me feel alive. 

As an artist, one of my greatest joys is sharing my artwork. I take pride in helping match someone with a painting. 10+ years of doing custom work as a muralist/faux finisher has taught me how to listen and understand how personal those decisions are.

My first bit of advice is for you to ask yourself what you want to feel when you walk into your space. Look through the portfolio and see which pieces inspire those feelings. I have found that those connections are highly personal. People sometimes say they, “just know.”

The Artwork - My current collection:

Now I am back in the studio creating vibrant abstract paintings. My current work is an exploration of color, movement and emotional connections.  One gets drawn in by the mood, by the color, and the feelings that are evoked deep inside. My current work is intuitive. That means I have no plan when I start a painting. I begin by pouring on colors and letting them blend and flow. They can only be guided, but not controlled. From then on it is an interactive process, a sort of dance between me, the composition and the colors. While my work is intuitive, I have a strong technical background. I constantly use my training in composition, color theory, atmosphere and technique.

For more about how to "look at" the paintings click here

My Professional Background:

My initial background was academic. I have a BFA in Art History, an MA in French, and interned at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

When I started creating my own art I was drawn to realism. I wanted to understand the fundamentals. In fact, throughout my evolution as an artist, I have always worked for mastery of the medium and subject matter. I have consistently worked with teachers and other artists to achieve these goals. 

From there I had 10-year career as a muralist & decorative artist (aka faux finisher). During those years I learned to work in multiple styles, techniques and materials as were dictated by the clients or environments.

Now I am back in the studio creating vibrant abstract paintings. 

I have lived in the Chicago area my entire life except for 3 years in Austin, TX and 3 in Paris, France.

What now? 

Take a look through my portfolio, visit my studio, come see me at art fair. I love talking about my art. Let me know if you have any questions or want to share an impression. See what catches your eye (and imagination).  I have found that many people come back a day (or even months) later, because a certain piece has stayed with them. 

Why should I sign-up for your announcements?

Please sign up for my announcements. I will let you know when I have new pieces available, and when I’ll be exhibiting. People on my email list get a special link for a first peek before I show new works to the general public.