Part Four of “the Hero’s Journey”: Transcendence

If there is one section in “the Hero’s Journey” series that is truly otherworldly and in its own category, it’s section 4: “Transcendence.”  Then again, you are the viewer – the ultimate takeaway is your own.

A common thread that ties many of the fantastical pieces in this section together are tendril patterns unfurling from every direction.  The effect is surreal and fantasy-like.

If this is the final section in the series “the Hero’s Journey,” then what is our destination?  Or have we in fact reached a destination?

Is this a dream, a vision, the state of our mind – a combination of all three?  The title “Transcendence” suggests we’ve reached a greater plane. I’ll leave to you to decide what it exactly it is.




Dreamlike Motion

Take a look at “Sanctuary” (above).  

Curling and sweeping almost at times like waves, the tendril shapes suggest a sense of swirling and floating – as though you are being carried away in a dream.  In this state, nothing moves fast or loud. You are floating along, almost as though underwater.

Do these patterns and shapes awake a sense of imagination in you, such as that of a fantasy world?  Or does it feel more metaphorical to the condition of your mind and emotions? Perhaps it’s a hybrid of the two.

Sough 2018

Sough 2018



Pure Feelings

Some of the pieces in this section (such as “Sough”, above) may feel like an almost physical space – you can imagine lying on your back under the whispering breeze, watching the midday sun peeking out of the clouds.

Others are closer to being pure color and feeling.  Consider the rich purple and magenta below, interspersed with brown-black and bursts of gold.  Is the effect a peaceful and creative one – maybe inspired by space or an underwater utopia? Or do you feel melancholy?  

Even feelings of sadness can be pleasurable at times, especially when the contrast of hope and brightness makes it all the sweeter.



Endless Horizons

Journeys don’t always end in destinations – especially ones you had planned on.  Even if there is a destination, it’s not necessarily spatial or bound by a finite amount of time.   

The end of your journey could simply be a window into your own soul, especially if you aren’t used to searching deeply within yourself.  Your view out the window can change at any time; you can make the journey again and again.

It could be that you are already familiar and comfortable with yourself, and simply love exploring with your imagination.  That is just as valid. These artworks can act as receptacles for your imagination. They are a safe place to spend time in to clear your mind, gather inspiration, or simply escape the monotony of life for a while.

I hope that your experience and your interpretations of the works within “the Hero’s Journey” series is stimulating and invites continual revisiting.  No one artwork will hold the same meaning over time. They are vehicles through which you can see the state of your mind and soul, just as a window in your home will show you the state of the weather outside.

With that, I wish you a safe journey!

Continuum 2018

Continuum 2018