Edgewater Art Fair

Last weekend, September 26 & 27, I participated in my very first art fair. I loved it. I enjoyed getting out of my studio, talking with people, and hearing their feedback. The whole experience fueled my creativity and now I can't wait to get back to work. The lovely weather wasn't bad either. 

I got to see what was drawing people into the booth, what they looked at when they were inside, and, what, occasionally, they ended up purchasing. 

Many were drawn in by the bright, shiny gold inside the bowls on the right, before looking at the paintings.

Note to self. I need a better display for the gold pieces. I think more levels,  good display stands, and some mirrors underneath, because the underside is sometimes part of the design. I also need something a bit more classy than wire shelf dividers. Any suggestions would be quite welcome. 

Once inside they looked at the paintings and the tiles. In fact, I nearly sold out of the tiles. I'm excited that I get to make more. 

Someone asked if I had coasters. Oddly, I had never thought about it. So thank you, friendly stranger, guess what I will have plenty of at holiday sales later this year!


Some people liked the tiles, just because they liked them. Others wanted to know how I got such bright clear colors. Those artsy and crafty, creative people wanted to experience alcohol inks, as well as looking at them. I know that feeling.

I decided that I will host several 3 hour workshops this winter so that people can give the inks a try and bring home a couple of pieces themselves. If you would like updates on when and where, please sign up for my email newsletter.