Art Fair Season has Begun

As an artist, I love sharing my art with anyone who is interested. One of the most direct ways for me to do that, is to show my work at art fairs.

I get to meet people and talk with them. I often ask what they are responding to when they see my work. It helps me to know how others experience the paintings. Often I am able to gain insights that help me.  At my most recent fair, some people thought my work must be printed because it is so smooth. I had never thought about it that way. Now I have another angle for when I try to explain the difference between paint and ink. Some of my visitors are other artists and we share techniques, product ideas, other artists to look at etc….  And, of course, I am always thrilled when someone buys a piece, because they want to look at it everyday. 

This summer I will be participating in eight art fairs in the Chicago area. Four will be in the city and four in the suburbs. Memorial Day weekend was the first one. It was in Barrington.  Although there were threats of rain and storms in the week proceeding, the weekend your gorgeous. The fair was moderately attended, which meant there was a steady flow of people, but it was never too crowded. 

Please drop by my booth if you ever see me. I know that not everyone is there to buy. Art has always been a passion of mine, so talking about it with like-minded people is great.