Part Two of “The Hero’s Journey”: Solitude/Under the Microscope

In my last blog post I talked about my first “Hero’s Journey” section, “Odyssey”: Artworks that reflects a physical journey and a sense of adventure.

Today we’ll be exploring my second section: “Solitude/Under the Microscope.”  

The more abstract the art is, the more subjective it becomes to the viewer.  While “Odyssey” playfully explores with abstraction and imagination, “Solitude” takes it a whole level deeper.

Going Inside the Mind

A pattern throughout this series is dots, ripples and patch-like strokes.  

I see this sort of pattern has having both literal and figurative application, which makes this theme so easy to explore.  You could get lost down a rabbit trail and find yourself in a wonderland.

Frisson, 2108

Frisson, 2108


Let’s take a look at “Frisson.”  

Are we looking at a series of microscopic organisms, pulsating and colliding?  Or perhaps a series of pools created by created by a cosmic force?

The repeated pattern invites a closer look, surrounding you in an intimate space that could possibly represent your own mind.

A million circular forms that stand in for your thoughts and emotions moment to moment quiver with life and energy.  The mind is an endless ocean of inspiration and potential, a sea in a spectrum ranging from dark to light, depending on who you are.  Bursts of color and dancing shapes resemble a scene under a microscope. In fact, the imagery is a metaphorical view of your own mind at an introspective, “microscopic” level.

Turbulent Emotions

Sometimes the greatest journeys we make don’t require a single footstep.  They take place within the walls of our mind.

Even heroes are compelled to undergo inner trials that may be as challenging as the terrain they navigate and the tasks they perform.

A dark or tumultuous moment in the mind may look like a snowstorm or a hurricane, with our thoughts scattered to-and-fro by winds of discord.  

Overcoming these dark moments is a Catch-22.  While the only truly real time is the present, our memories of better times in the past and hopes for the future pull us through.

Tempest 2018

Tempest 2018


Being and Aliveness

I also see the interior of the mind and soul as a joyful place.  Ideally, we are comfortable in our mind reconnecting with ourselves.

Colors evoke reactions on an intuitive, gut-level.  A bubbling spread of rose with gold and white accents could be an epiphany, a day dream, a rush of endorphins, a deep feeling of love, or even a pleasurable visit with memories or daydreams.

Lifeforce, 2018

Lifeforce, 2018


While on our Hero’s Journey, we are forced to get to know ourselves better – our fears, hopes, joys and sadness.  

What we began in the depths of the cave or at the lonely height of the mountain is refined by exquisite inner moments of reflection and resolve.

This sometimes enjoyable, sometimes intensely uncomfortable phase burnishes us and prepares us for the next stage: transformation into our better selves, bringing us ever closing to our goal.