How is Abstract Painting like Jazz Music?

Photo by Comstock/Stockbyte / Getty Images






These are some of the qualities that make each jazz experience unique. 



The song is just the starting point. The performers re-interpret it each time they play. They may play the same piece multiple times, but it is never the same. Their improvisations are influenced by:

The energy in the room,

The reactions of their listeners

The musical dialog between them and the other musicians.


The performers often have no real idea of what the final outcome will be and the performance, be necessity is very much in the moment


How does this relate to abstract art? You may be wondering.


Just as with the jazz musicians, when I paint, when I paint, my works are improvisations that feel like a dance between me and the medium. I am strongly influenced by the give and take. I am in the moment and I rarely have an idea of what the final outcome will be. I find the process very intense, and, I am usually exhausted after a painting session. 

Additionally, both art forms require technical competency at minimum, and mastery at best. 

In order for the music to really work,  jazz musicians must have some musical training and understanding. Sure, I could bang out music on a piano, but I have not studied music. I don’t really understand the subtleties of rhythm, meter, scales etc... I might have a ball, it might even please me, but it isn’t the jazz that anyone else would want to listen to. What makes jazz so great is the technical mastery of the performers, coupled with their own personality and soul. 

Abstract painting is a lot more than spontaneously than spreading paint around a canvas.  While there are some naturally gifted self-taught abstractionists, the majority of us have studied the fundamental of art. Just as musicians study scales, rhythm & music theory. artists study composition, color theory,  perspective etc... When we “improvise” on the canvas, we are drawing on all the skills that we have acquired, and bringing our own aesthetic, feelings and soul to our artwork. 


With these ideas in mind, take a fresh look at my paintings, and let me know what you think.