This picture does not have a mat. The flower bursting outwards, and then is “blocked” by the abrupt black frame around it. All of the energy stays trapped inside the frame.
 In this picture, there is a small mat. It at least gives the picture room to breathe. This can work nicely in a small space, because it keeps the experience of the picture nicely contained. I could see it in an office or a powder room. However it would seem trapped in the frame in a larger room.
 This last one is my personal favorite. The midsize mat gives the flower room to spread its energy outwards, and then is nicely finished by the black frame. 
 Here is the opposite effect. There is a very large mat. Even though the picture is bright and dynamic, it seems lost in the expanse of white. Something like this could work with a colored mat or a double mat. Those are concepts I’ll explore another time. 
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