Abstract Surrealism

What is it? How do I understand it?


What is Abstract Surrealism: 


Abstract Surrealism is a style of painting inspired by traditional Surrealism. The difference is that, while there is still the dreamlike mood, I generally do not paint recognizable objects. Some works feel like a Rorschach test, others are like a quiet meditation.  The paintings are colorful fantasies, meant to evoke strong emotion, from firey passions to deep relaxation. 

Once I finish creating a painting, it ceases to be about me. It exists for others to experience.


How to "look at" the Art:


The best way to view this art is to clear your mind, and simply experience what feelings or memories appear. 

It could be the experience of visiting a place in the past, or the feeling of a piece of music. It is often something that is different for every person, and, even, every time the same person views the picture.

There is no "right" way to experience Abstract Surrealism. Listen to yourself. You’ll know.  


You know you like a piece, but I don’t understand why. Could I explain?


I am happy to discuss any painting with you. I can share what I was feeling when I painted or what inspried me, but ultimately, the experience is yours.